Value of an Architect


Prospective homeowners were given valuable insights on issues related to homeownership when they attended the First Time Buyer’s Seminar on July 28, 2016.

The seminar was hosted by Paula Roper Bacchus, a realtor with Heave-Ho Properties and a panel of experts that included representatives from Lloyd J. Robinson & Associates (LJRA).

Conrad Jackson, Principal of Lloyd J. Robinson & Associates, in his presentation, focused on the Value of an Architect.

He highlighted the importance of involving an Architect from the start of the project.

“The involvement and incorporation of the architect in our built environment, and particularly in the housing industry is paramount in contributing to the success of the end product. The architect will provide guidance from inception to completion.”

He also sought to dismiss the perception that hiring an architect can be costly.

“If most Jamaicans sought the services of an architect, they would find building their dream home a more realistic and practical activity, with less hiccups. An architect, like the other experts who presented at the seminar, is the best person to consult with when thinking about buying, building or expanding a home.”

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During his presentation Architect Jackson highlighted practical reasons to invest in an architect. A few points included:

  • Helping individuals to clarify and refine their needs;
  • How to adapt to changes in needs and how to include the use of technology in effective building;
  • How the architect manages and coordinates project elements
  • How the architect enables to client to get value for money


Concerning cost effectiveness, Architect Jackson pointed to the integration of energy efficient designs and materials that help increase the longevity of the property and reduce recurring maintenance costs.

“Most times when clients attempt the route of managing construction projects by themselves, without a hired professional, they often have regrets. Common outcomes include steep budget overruns and substandard building results.”

Other participants in the seminar were Patrice Doyley – Scotia Bank, Mortgage Underwriting Specialist; Karen Wilson, Attorney-at-Law from Earle & Wilson; Everald Scott – Commissioned land Surveyor and representatives from the National Works Agency (NWA).

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