Architect - Founder

Lloyd J. Robinson

In 1978, the late Lloyd Anthony Jakes Robinson, RA established the firm, building on his vision for a lasting legacy, integrity, and professionalism. His astute business sense and charm was that of building a solid foundation.

His passion extended beyond the bounds of client relations, as he was an excellent employer, team leader, manager, and partner. He displayed integrity that was noticeable in every aspect of his life. The late architect was a proud family man and an incredible partner. He left his business in the hands of his partner, the late. Architect Charles Adamson, D.A. (Edin.), A.R.I.A.S., Registered Architect, Jamaica. "..astute business sense and charm"

Architect - Past Partner

Charles Adamson

For over 46 years Charles Adamson contributed to Jamaica’s ever-changing architectural landscape.  Adamson was born in Scotland and after his studies at the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland, he delved into managing contracts for construction projects in both the private and public sector.

With a good command of timber style construction, Adamson left a legacy of detailed timber interiors and finishes borne on several of the projects when he served as Chief Architect. Following the death of his partner, L. J. Robinson, Adamson lead several hospital construction projects and was also recognised as an expert in health facility designs. The late architect will always be remembered for the manner in which he embraced his chosen profession with passion, yet with unfathomable gentleness. "..yet with unfathomable gentleness"